Rules and Regulations

It is important that while chatting you could get positive feelings only. That is why we have created these regulations.

  1. You should be polite to other chat users and avoid:
    • rude behavior, using vulgar words or phrases;
    • intolerant comments towards other nationalities, races or religions;
    • threats and indignities towards other users.
  2. It is not OK to behave offensive. This statement includes:
    • being in a chat with naked chest without showing your face;
    • offering virtual sex;
    • using words and phrases, which can have a ribald sexual connotation;
    • chatting being undressed or wearing underclothes only;
    • obtruding genitals or other intimate parts of the body;
    • touching the genitals even underneath the clothes;
    • focusing the camera on below the chest instead of keeping your face in the frame;
    • any other actions, which could be perceived as an insult.
  3. It is not allowed to show any images, instead of your face, e.g.:
    • any pictures, photos;
    • the screen;
    • any text messages.
    • you can’t also use web cam emulators.
  4. Spamming is strictly prohibited, so you can’t:
    • display any images or write any text messages for advertising;
    • insert any kinds of external links in the chat text messages;
    • send bulk text messages or do any other promotional activities;
    • make other users perform any actions online: to vote, to take part in the survey, etc.
  5. If something in the chat was unpleasant or odd for you, you can complain. The idea is
    • Any user can report of another chat user’s actions. You should attach to your complaint the image of the violator and his/her message you "respond" to. Your request will be the basis for moderator’s ban decision. Our moderation is available around the clock seven days a week.
    • A chat user who receives a lot of complaints from other people is banned automatically. The complaint system takes into account lots of different factors and it excludes mistaken bans.

Video chat administration doesn’t take responsibility for the users’ actions. However, we are trying to stop and punish the violators by any possible means. We can’t have an eye on all chat violations – unfortunately, it’s impossible to see everything at one time – so, we suggest you to cooperate in order to make the chat a better "place" to communicate and report us about the cases of any violations. Your complaints will help us to make our chat site even more pleasant and enjoyable. Thanks for helping us and following the rules.